Amander (inthe_modernage) wrote in lovelygirldolls,

my petty contribution

Butterflies always die glamorously,
carcasses kept in glass cases.
We loose none to spiderwebs or car windsheilds.
Moths die everywhere,
They really can't be saved.

I was the only non-plague carrying rat
on a ship of traitors.
But I was burned all the same.
I swam oceans to be kicked around on shores
Hiding under furniture, dining in cabinets
enemies with bright lights and fist fights.
So all I'm trying to say is thanks
For drying me off, clenaing me up
Feeind me and playing with me.
Giving me somewhere warm to sleep.
Until by no grand accident, I was yours.

So yeah, that's what I did in biopsych today ;D
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