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♥Pretty Girls in Pictures♥

♥♥Je t'aime.♥♥

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This Is NOT a Rating Community! Anybody can join!

This community is for pretty girls(and boys), girlie girls, camerawhores, makeup girls(and boys), and anyone else wanting to post pictures!!!!!!! You can also post beautiful writings or photography!

Post Anything; Pictures of you, your friends, or anything else you think is beautiful.

Anything more than 2 pictures please put under a cut! No Nudity or anything like that! And Please no Promos unless you talk to me first!

♥Comment on others pictures! We all need some comment love!♥

Please make an introductory post when joining. Include:

♥A picture[s] of yourself
♥Any random information

And have fun!

Remember, this is a non-rating community, so lets keep things civil.

Monthly Themes

♥August♥ Favorite Actresses

♥September♥ Lovely MakeUp Pictures

♥October♥ Beautiful Fashion Photos

Any questions, feel free to ask your mod:
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Promotion Banners

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Just without the *'s

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